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The Method of Brand Nike’s Fortune

Lunarlite Foam, which was released in 2008, was a foamed damping technology. This guy is lighter than any other shock absorption technology in the history of nike schuhe. Foam cushioning is not a new thing, while a lot of brands in this area have their own science and technology. The science and technology is usually composed of the shoes bottom, which is made of the traditional foaming materials to improve the foam hole to make them more delicate.
Fire makes sweet malt-someone use 36 years to study a kind of science and technology. The successful development of Lunarlite Foam NASA and Nike spent 36 years. Before Nike Schuhe deutschland applied in the sports shoes mass production, the engineering designers spent almost their half life time to solve this kind of material and the inherent problems. Born in NASA's lab with a high cost, the material's effect will degrade when exposed in light, air and water which make it hard to be put into mass production. The worst thing is that it is easy to shrink. Once being blown into the foam, it must be frozen to prevent deformation. Later, engineers adjusted the material's organic formula, so that it can be more stable, and easier to find the right wrapped foam material-Phylon, nike schuhe bestellen's most commonly used bottom material. The race running shoes-Lunar Racer was first show itself in the Lunarlite Foam debut in may, 2008. With Lunarglide come into the market in the year of 2009, consumers get more familiar with this technology.
"Feel like walking on the moon"-this is the most flattering evaluation obtained by Lunar. Consumers hold the belief that the ultimate sports shoes should have the properties of excellent shock absorption, high stability and sufficient lightweight.

But generally speaking, light is the main feature of the sports shoes, which often means giving up the stability or a damping effect. As the enemy of durability, lightweight can make the extreme lightweight shoes be quickly forgot by people. But the biggest characteristic of Lunarlite Foam is it can make the shoes more lightweight and full of elasticity. Athletes who have tried LunarGlide sample shoes said that Lunar makes them unable to hold themselves to go out running.
The working principle of Lunar is very complex structure. Compared with the ordinary EVA and Phylon, the Lunar technology has a more soft foot feeling ,with excellent elasticity and light weight under its low density. But this material must be isolated with water, nike schuhe kaufen and light. In view of this, the designers use two ways to maintain the stability of the material. The first is using Phylite to wrap the Lunarlite foam shell. The shell is designed into a layer fold shape, to reduce capacity loss when the foot touches the ground and to alleviate the harmful impact. With the help of the unique Dynamic Supporting System, Lunar running shoes can adapt to the runners different foot situation.
The pursuit of higher stability and lower production cost is innovation. People don't know when it first started, the Lunarlite technology disappeared in nike schuhe günstig shoes, and the Lunar Technology shoes also gradually started to decrease. According to the Nike designer, the lunar production cost is too expensive, mass production becomes very difficult. With time pass by, the depredate practical use of Lunarlite material is unavoidable. In order to solve this problem, the Nike designer quickly find solutions to make Lunarlite better. The method is to joined Phylon formula together with the lunar foam. Today's Lunarlite technology can not only reduces lunar sports shoes high cost, but also improve the stability and durability.
Lunar is an excellent technology, it will continue to develop, and become another milestone in the development history of air cushion shoes.



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