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Pandora Charms give you a different feeling

More and more people are becoming familiar with the impressive number of
Pandora Bijoux readily available for purchase. The many different styles and designs have made a modern charm bracelet far more unique and original than ever before.Need an example? In years past, someone with a charm bracelet would have a wrist full of dangling charms that might be difficult to see or which could easily snag in clothing or hair. They tended to be extremely unique, but they all tended to look a lot alike. With the use of Pandora charms a wearer could have a slim band of sculptured beads that each displayed a personal interest or style, but would not be easily mistaken for thousands of other charm bracelets.

For example, someone could easily build a bracelet with an emphasis on gold beads, but which also revealed their favorite animals, birthstones, and more. They could have delicate, dangling Pandora charms as well as semi-precious and precious stones, wooden beads, and Murano glass beads for colorful accents.

Let’s use a single example to illustrate the flexibility and unique beauty of a bracelet crafted from Pandora charms. For our example, we will create a winter themed charm bracelet with accents of pale blue and cool silver. What sorts of charms could this feature? Using only Pandora Canada pieces the bracelet could rely on pale blue Murano glass accented with deep blue dots. We could choose sterling silver snow men beads, tube beads with silver and gold snowflakes, charms with small pearls delicately bobbing from beneath, white glass bands, silver rings, and even a sterling silver birthstone bead or two. All of these would be strung on a sturdy silver chain using the standard Pandora clasp.

What we have just done is build only a single example of a Pandora Bijoux Canada bracelet, but there is an almost unlimited array of themes that could be expressed in the same way. There are sterling silver and 14k gold bases, cotton cord bases, and even tightly woven leather straps to serve as bases. There are beads, spacers, gems, charms of all kinds, and more. All it takes is a basic plan or idea and the bracelet can be slowly developed from there. There are even themed gift sets to help someone get started on a bracelet too. These come as sets of three coordinated beads which might feature such themes as Afternoon Tea, Happy Anniversary, or a Road Trip!

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