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The introduction CONVERSE shoes

1908 by the American Moore Converse in Massachusetts Springfield founded a professional manufacturer of basketball shoes , Converse ALL STAR so he was born. 1917 officially launched ALL STAR canvas shoes , with its uninhibited design , rage, rage . 1923 to have the athleticism and eloquence of the basketball star CHUCK TAYLOR autograph a well-known trademark. Set of retro , pop , and environmental protection in one of ALL STAR canvas shoes , is the spiritual symbol of American culture , with its arbitrary, wearing a form of freedom is not binding , but also become fashionable for young people to pursue self- faithful stand . In the Chinese market , now listed with ALL STAR CHUCK TAYLOR, JACK PURCELL, CONS three series.

converse shoes Icon:Leading the trend of casual canvas shoes , has been using the most adequate code weight density , texture the best canvas, bilateral treaties , the native rubber mesh refinement , durability, at the same time introduce new emphasis on natural materials and environmentally friendly philosophy, known as the shoe "Rolls -Royce ."

Converse was the NBA 's early designation shoes , and later has evolved . With the development of technology, basketball shoes have evolved to a high-tech , Converse then gradually fade out the history of the NBA arena . Canvas shoes who is already a favorite fashion brand .
Each pair of Converse shoes official has produced records in the database , or to take the bar code tag on the shoes to Converse shoe box on the counter next to the brush , immediately shows the shoes in the official data

Converse Converse by its founder Moore Converse Converse according to their surnames named . Its core idea is to arouse brand of creativity.

Converse products are divided into four series - Star and Chevron: main basketball shoes, this series feature is there on both sides of the upper arrow star plus sign . JACK PURCELL: commonly known as open smile ; ALL STAR: also known as Chuck Taylor; ONE STAR: logo is only one star.
In 1917, the world's first canvas shoes in the United States was born, comes just as the First World War , leather , fur , leather and other materials have become popular footwearBattle with substance , more common on the market only a canvas , rubber, and cold winter has arrived , no people can wear shoes Jizhongshengzhi , melting into the rubber soles and canvas uppers stitched cut into a contingency shoes, very fast , this new material is canvas shoes in the world spread open.

After nearly a century of continuous improvement of people , when the cause today , canvas shoes, production technology has been very mature , very broad range of applications , due to the canvas shoes lightweight, abrasion , bending , water , acid, low prices.
China is a big country producing shoes , canvas shoes have appeared in Chinese history ninety eight , canvas shoes have become among the defense, sports, labor and production , indispensable to people's lives , the number of China 's annual production of up to 20 a few canvas shoes million, accounting for more than half of the world , there are also domestic exports produced shoes styles, colors, and use everything.

According canvas shoe styles can be divided into Tall canvas shoes, high-top canvas shoes , mid and low -top canvas shoes, canvas shoes, graffiti canvas shoes.
Canvas shoe care mainly note the following:
1 ) After washing put the shade to dry naturally , do not put put under the hot sun or high temperature place baking to prevent back plastic or unglued , accelerated aging .
2 ) non-professional labor shoes do not and acid, alkali , salt and other chemical exposure , to protect against corrosion degumming deformation.
3 ) force should be gentle when cleaning uniform, can not be forced fierce brush , so as not to break, or body brush shoe designs and decorative components.
4 ) Avoid contact with sharp objects and sharp , cut through the upper body of the shoe to prevent scratches .
5 ) For the white canvas shoes , do not touch difficult to clean with carbon ink and other items, this color canvas shoes clean later, uppers, shoe body painted with toothpaste, or white chalk powder , attention should be uniform , and later dry , can prevent discoloration , or find two clean white paper kept in the shoe body surface / dry tear , can prevent discoloration .
6 ) shoes have appeared disconnected, dropped, or decorative component loosening small problems should be promptly repaired to extend its life.
7 ) For the Khan foot heavy friend, can be sprayed on the front shoes in the shoe point vinegar , can reduce the odor, another canvas shoes should be regularly cleaned to prevent mildew smell .
8 ) Do not use the washing machine , it was considered canvas shoes bending, prices are low, lazy hand , I do not know shoes are cooked pieces of upholstery and shoe body is not the same , with a washing machine to wash off easily fade.

converse shoes australia for its lightweight, durable , inexpensive and widely welcomed by the people , and now on the market a variety of styles , brands, different price canvas shoes little more dazzling, many buyers purchase at a loss, in the end how buy it ? canvas shoes best choice to buy regular factory or professional manufacturers of products, so manufacturers pay more attention to credit, technology is better, the selected material is relatively good , the packaging of shoe manufacturers generally have marked the formal size, color , material used in the production , phone manufacturers , URL and quality standards , packaging is also very beautiful. Look at the selection of canvas shoe uppers , canvas shoes, as the name suggests , the general use of canvas uppers made ​​towards the purchase depends on the curvature of the upper normal , whether Neither shoe lining , with or without color, different parts of the upper suture suture is uniform and tidy , with or without break , jumper , colors are the same , from the heel to the sole of the shoe body to see whether vertical , diagonal or without lace holes , about whether or not lined , see upper printed pattern , text is clear , paste icon or decorative stitching is solid . Also check the soles, soles generally use rubber outsole , this sole requirement resistant, anti-slide , but also light , so when you buy depends on the non-slip soles stripes is clear, whether out of plastic defects, fringe spacing is uniform , the same material soles are the same color , to see whether the pores or blistering. Finally, check the bottom , the bottom is soft to touch , a certain flexibility of printing trademark should be clear, look at the various rubber bonded parts , to see whether there is a small dot , bubbles, comparing the two shoes put on the ground , check each part of the color , pattern , high-end , the length and width are the same. Popular casual canvas shoes with lace , or with a zipper main colors Black and Purple , blue , white and orange, beige, brown rice , silver, yellow , and other colors Prynne
Tone-based , material mostly rubber outsole , canvas uppers majority, while summer beige, white and other light colored orange canvas shoes with light gray pants, white sports shorts, or silver, yellow , brown and orange canvas shoes to wear with , white orange, light blue jersey for the mainstream.

In fact, converse australia shoes are the best footwear with all kinds of shoes , should the word " how to wear has type ", mainly to seize their own style , there are several with the program for reference only .
Western casual denim : canvas shoes with jeans , preferably narrow pants jeans , canvas shoes, because the volume is too small, so let your footsteps with more light .
Romantic Girl: Pocket dress with Tall Tall canvas shoes or special canvas shoes.
Movement Bride : Sports skirt with a fine canvas shoes , choose two colors consistent or strong contrast is appropriate.

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Re: The introduction CONVERSE shoes

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