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The ambiance created by crystal is one of peace

The ambiance created by crystal is one of peace

Another popular option in the Cornelia Goldsmith "Flora" pandora canada collection is the Seed Earrings and Seed Brooch. Both come in either a white gold or a yellow gold option, and do not contain any stones. The beautiful and simple design of both these items make them extremely versatile for wear with just about anything you so choose, for just about any occasion.

However, if there was one piece from the Cornelia Goldsmith "Flora" pandora charms collection that was a must own, it would be the Seed Earrings with Tahitian Pearls. These little jewels are one of the classiest, most eternally elegant earring sets I have seen in awhile. 18k white gold, twenty two point diamonds, and a beautiful Tahitian pearl per earring, this exquisite set will be on the wish lists of many women.

As far as price range, the Cornelia Goldsmith "Flora" jewelry collection ranges depending on where you purchase the item. As a winner of the 2004 pandora bracelet Arts Award, Cornelia wholesales her items to very few distributors making them quite rare. However, her website ( allows buyers from all over the world to contact her for pricing.



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