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personal design with a piece of jewelry

personal design with a piece of jewelry

During the 1950s a must have accessory for girls and women, was a pandora charms canada. Traditionally a woman received a charm bracelet twice, as a young girl and at her marriage. These bracelets would have charms that show her hobbies, religion and interests as a girl and wedding bells for marriage, latter charms for births and anniversaries would be added.

In the 1970s pandora canada charms made of celluloid were prizes in gum-ball machines. Kids collected these charms for their charm bracelets. Charms ranged from army men themes, sports and animals to Betty Boop, Orphan Annie and Mickey Mouse. They faded out in the early 1970s but came back again the the mid 1980s.

Buyers were picking up charms in antique stores and flea markets, that had been out of circulation for decades, for very cheap prices. A high demand for vintage charms and charm bracelets began in the 1990s. pandora bracelet canada with moving parts often sold for over $100 dollars and a $10 dollar gold charm purchased in 1950 was easily selling for $70, $80 dollars and more.



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