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air jordan 4 Creative

The late 1980s, due to the design and manufacturing processes meet the requirements, Cushion basketball shoes complex structures inevitably bring unnecessary weight, and the impact of the athletes play, these shortcomings former generations Air Jordan basketball shoes can also be seen, although the air jordan shoes 3 beginning has started using external air, but shoes weight and comfort have done a certain amount of sacrifice. This does not conform JORDAN basketball style, while the same product is also increasingly unable to consumer satisfaction, in this historical context, a new Air Jordan products to the market.
Air Jordan 4 Air Flight89 launched in the same year are inextricably linked, the same outsole and midsole design provides good enough cushioning performance and lateral support, although it seems a bit cumbersome, but compared with the at that time the air basketball shoes, this series has done enough in the bottom of the lightweight. But the real significance of the design of reform is air jordan shoes 4 vamp net surface material, before the advent of the Air Jordan 4, basketball shoes has been using heavy image appears in front of people, whereas previously only in running shoes on the net surface material first appeared in the basketball shoes, this material is not only greatly reduce the weight of the shoes, the liberation of the wearer's feet, the most important is to make basketball shoes breathable performance has been a qualitative change, athletes no longer have to wear close unventilated "Boots" campaign pitch, while the net surface material flexible also makes Air Jordan 4 of stretch has been greatly improved, for athletes change to and start supporting role has improved significantly. These are the Air Jordan 4 great reform, or is air jordan shoes 4 to bring the reform of the entire basketball world, a little creativity but to promote the development of the whole basketball shoes.
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