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How Cause-Related Marketers Can Broaden Their Reach

Some call it "cause-related marketing." I like to think of it as "using our powers for good." How are they different? The former starts with the need to sell a product and, in so doing, attaching that need to a worthy cause. Creating a halo for a brand by aligning with a charity can come off as a bit superficial — unless the cause is truly woven into the brand's DNA. Think toms shoes. It was a business that was started to solve a problem: kids without shoes can't go to school. Kids who can't go to school can't improve their position in life, can't create self-sustaining communities, can't create viable regions, countries or continents. When TOMS sells a pair of shoes, they donate a pair of shoes – a cause that is truly woven into the brand’s DNA.
The closing of the arcade at 538 N. Mission Rd. on Aug. 3 will also be a celebration of Caine's birthday. However, while he may be off to junior high and starting work on his other project, the arcade and its inspiration will live on. It will become a traveling arcade in a partnership with toms shoes sale, his father said.
Toms are also a good option. They are available at Office and you can bung them in the washing machine. For each pair of the canvas espadrilles sold, toms Canada will donate a pair of shoes to someone in the developing world.
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