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Nike KD VI People's Champ article97

LeBron Vs. Durant: Finals Prove Its No Contest If we learned anything through the 2012 NBA Finals it's among three things. Don't play around with Russell Westbrook's dad, #legcramps can indeed become a trending topic on Twitter, and LeBron James is unarguably better than Kevin Durant. Nike KD VI People's ChampJames was officially crowned on Thursday night due to the Larry O'Brien Trophy (O'Brien in case you are Stuart Scott). Kevin Durant meanwhile sobbed on Nike Lebron 11mother's shoulders about the strategy to the locker room pursuing the Thunder's five game defeat (apologies for that insensitivity). The debate will rage on during coming years, but for it's settled; LeBron James reigns over all from the NBA. James asserted his utter dominance through the playoffs in a very historic string of other-worldly performances. Durant's game is aesthetically appealing using a smooth jumper and effortless ability to score the basketball, but features holes which can be invisible for LeBron. LeBron controls the action, he dictates the pace of it, and defines Most Valuable Player. Similarities between the two are evident. They each play small forward, are owners unique bodies, and entered the league with extreme expectations (and so are rare cases of achieving elite status with all the lofty aspirations through the media). Both now are identified by simple monikers; LeBron or Durant, LBJ or KD. Both have a place reserved in Springfield, Massachusetts. Both have shoes deals and endorsements galo   @uc@s6fnoyap4w@uc@



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