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Basketball's Roots Are Part of Ancient History Basketball like a modern game was created in 1891 NBA Players Shoes For SaleDr. James Naismith. The game, however, has roots in a very much earlier time. The Olmec people dating back to 1,000 B.C. played a version of a ball game which was a combination of a soccer-like game plus a basketball-like game. In use would be a rubber ball that weighed about four pounds. The game was played outdoors and teams of contestants were in a position nike free run shoes outletuse only their elbows, knees, hips and heads to move the ball. Mounted on one side of the arena would be a ring that resembled a basketball hoop on it's edge. The first team to place the ball through the hoop was the winner. It is suspected that the variation of this game is a lot more ancient where instead of a rubber ball, the skulls of wartime enemies were utilized. In early 1400s the Moncler Outlet Storepeople modified the overall game slightly and began by using a heavier ball. The newer game used a ball that weighed eight to 10 pounds. Otherwise, the overall game remained a This game is still played in Central America and is also called ulama. In early 1890s, Dr. James Naismith worked in the YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts. Because the winters were so severe, he felt a necessity to find a sport which was suitable for play indoors. He wanted to develop a game that did not rely solely upon strength but one the place where a contestant could develop skills. It also had to be playable in   @uc@laupo7qf8d@uc@



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