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Hershey, Nike, and Walt Disney: 3 Companies for the Long-Term

Riding out the ups and downs of the stock market over the long-term represents your best bet for superior returns on an investment especially during times of historically low interest rates.   The best companies to invest in for the long term can stand the test of time and possess the financial resources to withstand down cycles and pay a dividend making it easier to wait for capital appreciation. Chocolate and sugar company Hershey , athletic footwear and apparel company Nike new football boots, and entertainment conglomerate Walt Disney represent companies that possess these qualities.
Candy king
You probably couldn't think about candy bars without thinking of the name Hershey. The global company sells well known candy products such as the Hershey's bar and Kisses as well as the Reese's Pieces and peanut butter cups. It also sells Twizzlers, Jolly Ranchers, and Milk Duds according to its latest form 10-K.  Its global ubiquity and market leadership  allowed the company to grow its year to date revenue  and free cash flow  6% and 5% respectively . In the most recent quarter, Hershey retained $700 million on its balance sheet or a little more than 51% of its stockholder's equity.  Hershey returned 70% of its free cash flow back to its shareholders year to date. This payout ratio resides in the steep range; however, a large company such as this one has a difficult time finding expansion opportunities to invest in. As of this writing, Hershey paid its shareholders $1.94 per share per year for a yield of 2%.
The swoosh
The nike tiempo football boots swoosh checkmark probably represents one of the most recognized symbols in the world.  Its portfolio of brands also include another iconic footwear brand Converse and the Jordan brand of "premium" footwear. Nike's other brands include sports related Hurley International that sells "surfing, skateboarding, youth lifestyle apparel, and footwear". In addition, Nike Golf sells gear related to golfing.  Just about any time you see a sporting event you see Nike's name or iconic symbol somewhere on the television screen. Nike's year to date revenue expanded 8%.  Nike's cash and short-term investments balance of $5 billion equates to 45% of stockholder's equity giving them plenty of financial flexibility for product innovation, expansion, and acquisitions.  Like Hershey Nike pays out a huge 74% of its free cash flow in dividends due to its relatively limited business reinvestment opportunities due to its size.  Nike's shareholders receive $0.96 per share per year giving it a 1.3% dividend yield.



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