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Canada Lululemon yoga clothes

lululemon canada is known as " Canada's first professional sports brand" , in North America, it is the people to yoga , fitness and other sports apparel choice. In China , many people are willing to save money to buy a LV or GUCCI bag ; But in Canada, girls are more willing to use the money she saved to buy a Lululemon Lulu Lemon pants.

Market research firm ThinkEquity Partners data show , Lululemon 's "hardcore fans" would spend $ 92 to buy a brand sweatpants . Nike sweat pants for about $ 60, Under Armour 's products , but also $ 70 . Has numerous loyal " fans" Lululemon also organizes numerous free yoga, Pula Ti and SALSA dance exercises classes, universal health campaign ideas and methods.

In 1998, Canadian businessman Dan Dennis Wilson attended a yoga class . But he found that most participants were wearing cotton blended fabrics made ​​of polyester sportswear, this garment is neither close nor too perspiration . Thus, Wilson produced a black female yoga pants, the pants textile materials used in both breathable and fit. Soon, Wilson founded Lululemon in Vancouver company, the company opened a small design studios, retail stores and yoga training hall.

At first, Wilson personally responsible for the design , manufacture clothes , and make improvements based on where the person practicing yoga feedback . So far, he remains as the company's chief designer.

Because close to the customer , the company set up soon , in Vancouver acclaimed locally . Soon , lululemon sale began to expand to other cities. " And local Lululemon yoga masters together is the key to winning Lulu lemon ." G ChristineDay Lululemon CEO of Lulu Lemon ) said.

According to Kristen Daijie Shao , before entering a new city shop , Lululemon Lulu lemon and coaches will first local yoga instructor or other fitness classes contact . Lululemon Lulu Lemon for these coaches to provide one year of free clothing , while the latter served as Lululemon 's " ambassador " , they are not only in front of students wearing Lululemon clothing, and is responsible for providing feedback on the design aspects of the company . In addition, they can also consignment Lululemon Lulu lemon and give buyers some prizes : for example, offers free yoga classes , these activities sponsored by Lululemon Lulu lemon , place it in an ordinary apartment or loft .

Like laser-like precision to serve this market segment yoga clothes , "which brought huge returns for Lululemon Lulu Lemon in 2007 , the company's sales jumped 85 percent to $ 275 million ; . Profits soar 300% for $ 31 million .

Last June 4 , Kristen officially took over the company CEO. She likes to personally visit each shop , and get a lot of useful information from the front-line employees there. In the usual breakfast meeting , she likes men ask employees : " ? Over the past 60 days , the most stupid thing I've done what is"

' Listening to the sound from the bottom of the ' lululemon outlet corporate culture is the most important part. " Kristen said in Vancouver , a very ordinary Sunday , Kristen are scrambling to help customers in the dressing room off pants edge in Lululemon Lulu lemon company, which is commonplace in the business process from the top management, financial accounting to the design team , the company must have at least a month per employee to work eight hours in the shop . terms of a retail business , such a provision is unusual , which is close to the customer so that employees of a kinds of measures , and these customers are now growing yoga family.

Lululemon yoga clothing brand a few years time to stand out from the many sports apparel brands, Lulu Lemon Lululemon yoga clothes and now has become synonymous with fashion . Whether it is the big stars or ordinary housewife , everyone to have a Lululemon yoga clothing products Lulu Lemon proud .
Lulu Lemon Lululemon yoga clothes Canada

Lululemon yoga clothes yoga shift from thin movement to attract many people to participate in group activities . In Manhattan 's Bryant Park , held twice sponsored by the Lululemon yoga classes open week. Every time there are about 400 women participated , most of these participants wearing Lululemon yoga clothing brand .

Now , lululemon yoga pants clothing seems to have not just a clothing brand , but evolved into a way of life . In the Eastern United States , Lululemon shopping bags almost everywhere, printed on the bag inspiring words such as " doing something to make yourself be surprised every day thing ," and so on. In Chester , Lululemon yoga clothing seems to have a social tool , a woman just moved here said, because the women here wear Lulu Lemon Lululemon yoga clothing .

Avril children wear Lululemon, Brooke Shields wearing Lululemon. Felicity Huffman, Jennifer Garner , Courteney Cox , Kate Winslet and Kate Hudson wearing Lulu Lemon Lululemon yoga clothing . Lulu Lemon Lululemon yoga clothing "hardcore fans" Lululemon has also established a blog and Facebook group .

From 2000 Lululemon opened its first store in Vancouver began to companies listed in 2007 , in large part thanks to the success of Lululemon 's marketing genius Chip Wilson. 2007 to 2008 , sales reached $ 350 million , and opened a total of 113 stores. Lululemon Since close, taking comfort and exhaust characteristics , known as " Canada's first professional sports brand ." In North America , it is the people to yoga , fitness and other sports apparel choice.

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